Armagnac-Ténarèze de Ladevèze 2004 Folle Blanche

  • Armagnac-Ténarèze vintage 2004 from Domaine de la Boubée, by M. Ladevèze
  • 100% Folle Blanche grape variety
  • 17 years of aging in oak room
  • Single barrel
  • 54% barrel burn
  • 70 cl


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The Domaine de la Boubée has been established in Montréal-sur-Gers for 5 generations. Jean Ladevèze and his son Alexandre work the vines organically on 15 hectares, preserving the ecosystems: the grass is permanently planted and the soil is not treated.
The representation of the diversity of local grape varieties is of particular importance to them. They are the only ones to vinify and distill all the grape varieties authorized by the appellation: Folle blanche, Baco, Plant de Graisse, Mauzac Rose, Ugni blanc, Meslier st-François, clairette de Gascogne, Jurançon blanc and Mauzac blanc.
The armagnac is aged in new oak barrels of 400 liters for 8 to 12 months to give it color and aromas, then is relocated in red barrels (old barrels) to continue its maturation for over 10 years. The house offers blends and single-varietal vintage wines in raw casks.

Tasting note

Tasting notes - spirits

On the nose, this powerful armagnac expresses aromas of grape, exotic fruits, acidulous candy and caramel. Then a vegetal touch reminding marc and hay gives way to a grain brandy. The mouth is powerful, yellow fruits cover the palate (peach, muscat), then cereals (barley) and nuts (walnut). A surprisingly rancioté armagnac for its age and a real malternative!

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