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Who we are

Passionate about spirits, we have created Authentic Spirits with the objective of enhancing the value of these true essences of terroir and all that this implies: their history, the soils, the techniques (fermentation, distillation, aging...), but also to highlight the women and men who work every day, with heart and spirit, in the domains.

Since 2020, we have been criss-crossing the regions with our van in search of rare or little-known nuggets, which we select and make discover via this site, via partner wine shops and delicatessens, or during tasting workshops that we run for enlightened wine lovers or not.

Our selections of Armagnac, Rum, Fine, Whisky, Cognac... all have in common their personality, the pleasure and the emotion they bring, as opposed to the soulless and watered-down industrial spirits. All of them are matured in their place of production, in the distillery's cellars, and are bottled there without addition or filtration.